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updated 01/2019

The Process:

  • Our consignment period is for 90 days. Once an item sells, 40% of the final sale price deposits into a consignor’s account. The split percentage is an administrative fee for time spent pricing, tagging, displaying, and pulling items. We do not give a payment up front/buy out. No appointment is needed. However, we will not accept consignments in the last half hour of the business day.
  • If you would like any unaccepted items back, you must remain in the shop while the items are reviewed.
  • If you would like any unaccepted items to be donated, you may drop your items off to be reviewed by us without waiting. We will inspect and enter the accepted items. This also means that items that are not accepted, will be donated or disposed of.
  • Between 90-120 days of the consignment, the consignor is responsible to contact the shop to pick up any unsold items. If items are not picked up by 120 days they will become sole property of TGP.
  • If a consignor would want to pick up their items before the 90th day, there will be a 20% penalty fee based on the original sale price of the items. Once the consignor has decided to cancel the contract, they have one day to arrange for pick-up.
  • After 18 months of inactivity on a consignors account, it will be closed & any uncollected credit will become property of TGP.
  • A consignor can request a check for payout. Consignors must give 24 hour notice to pick up a check (for a maximum of $150). There will be a $1.00 processing fee for any request of a check to be mailed. This fee will be taken from the consignors balance. Up to $20 cash can be withdrawn from store credit by the consignor with ID.

What to Consign:

  • TGP provides a great opportunity for you to consign clothing, toys and accessories that your children have outgrown; and maternity clothing you no longer need. Customers appreciate that we are selective with style, quality, & condition. We accept all brands. Items will be priced according to quality and condition. TGP may accept specialty & designer items for a period longer than 90 days. Items will be progressively discounted based on how long the item has been in the shop.
  • Please bring in items that are acceptable as all items should be in ready to sell condition. Items should be freshly laundered with no stains/markings, holes, tears or odors. There may be items we cannot accept due to condition, sellability, limited space, etc. Occasionally we do not discover damage until the item is prepped for sale. In such cases, items will be pulled immediately to be donated or to be greatly discounted. There are times where we are full to capacity and are unable to accept items. If this is the case we will post on our social media accounts and on the entrance to the shop.

How to Prepare Your Consignment:

  • Bring in your items neatly folded; sets simply folded together. Please do not put on hangers or use safety pins.
  • Due to limited shop space & quantity of inventory, we ask that you bring in no more than 30 of your best items at a time. We reserve the right to increase/decrease the amount of items based on the space available. Clothing with buttons, snaps, zippers, etc should be “finished” (already done). This helps you be sure all the buttons are there and all the zippers work.
  • Equipment, Toys & accessories should be ready to sell, clean, free of markings/fading, have all their pieces, and demonstrate that item/s are in working order. Pieces other than clothing, should be less than 2 feet in size. This is due to the limited shop space to display such items. .

What Not to Consign:

  • Aside from the conditions mentioned above, there are items we do not accept for safety & insurance reasons. There are also items we know are hard to sell. Some of those items are: costumes, car seats/bases, furniture, crib bedding sets, bed rails, bathtubs, bath/water toys, or safety gates. Recalled items will not be accepted – please check beforehand here).

When We Start Consigning of Each Season (we suggest organizing/storing items by season vs by sizing):

  • Spring clothing – January
  • Summer clothing – March
  • Fall clothing – July
  • Winter clothing – September
  • Items taken year round: jeans, swimwear, pieces that are great for layering.

TGP is not responsible for lost or damaged items